Perfect Valentines Month Getaway

Winter is nearly edging out of the calendar – so if you haven’t made plans for this romantic month, do! February is generally considered as the best month and is full of promises (and surprises) – meaning you also work less in this month. So why not take advantage of our fabulous offers and plan a trip with your loved ones this month?

Here are our TOP 4 destinations for the month of February that we thought will interest you.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong always top the list for every season and reason – and all the right ones! A tropical paradise, it has breathtaking beaches, jaw-dropping skyscrapers and the best food in the world. Not romantic enough? Wait there is more!


Everything in Hong Kong is “20-minutes away” – like hiking trails and lush green mountain ranges. You can go on a romantic cruise on a speedboat or simply admire the Victoria Harbour at nightfall. But if you are not the outdoorsy type, check out the bustling Causeway Bay and markets of Mongkok for trinkets or counterfeit luxury goods, and street food vendors. Explore endless options in the Flower Market, Ladies’ Market or Goldfish Market (a market for everything, it would seem).

But more than all the above reasons, February is an especially exciting time to visit Hong Kong because of the Chinese New Year celebration on the first moon of the Lunar Calendar. Chinese New Year is a colourful and extravagant celebration, and no place puts up a show like Hong Kong does. Everywhere you look will be brightly decorated in red and gold, the lucky colours representing happiness and wealth.  Don’t miss the Chinese New Year that is always followed by an impressive firework display over Victoria Harbor on the second day, and the horse races on the third. The festivities continue for 15 days culminating in the Lantern Festival


Always a great pleasure to visit Italy – so the saying goes. We tend to agree to this. Take a trip to Venice, the city on water and romantic enough for travellers looking for a great Valentine’s Day getaway. Enjoy delicious food, coffee, historic buildings and gondola rides. There is something soulful and romantic about the gondolier singing his way through the canals whilst you admire the buildings rising out of the waters. In fact, such is the allure of this city that Lord Byron, poet and adventurer made it his home for a few years and wrote his best romantic work here!

Venice can easily bring out the romantic side of you!

But the real reason to go to Venice in February is for the carnival! Yes, February is carnival time where you will witness the noblemen clink swords in St Mark’s Square, watch finely-dressed courtesans drift down the Grand Canal on decorated gondolas, and masked royalty walk freely among the commoners. It is as though some medieval painting has come to life! Join thousands of revellers in what is described as an “otherworldly” experience. Come, flaunt your stuff on the Rialto or dance at the Doge’s ball.

Get bewitched!

The Maldives

Experience the sunny side of life in The Maldives, the year-round romantic destination made up of over 1,100 islands. February weather is warm and just right for all your water activities. Strap on your snorkels and say hello to sea turtles or dive in the coral reefs. You can even go canoeing or kayaking or if none of these appeals to you, lie on the sandy beaches sipping coconut water or check out the spas. Or swim in your own private pool. Take a break to enjoy some delicious and fresh Maldivian food. You don’t really need a reason to go to the Maldives – the very name is the reason!


Cape Town, South Africa

February in South Africa is all about long days, clear skies, warm evening, strong breeze and time for the great outdoors. Head up to the Table Mountain in the cableway and enjoy the panoramic views of the city, harbour and beaches. Spend your evenings on the spectacular beaches, go on long walks or enjoy some wine tours and get high on the spirit of the moment. February is also the season for turtle breeding and you can even go on a turtle tour and watch this fascinating sight!



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